Seller: Amie Rossetti
State: Utah
City: West Valley City
Zip code: 84119
Type: Animals

Because of my job responsibilities, I must give up my beloved dog, Tinker (as in Tinker Bell)! Tinker is about 1.5 years old, weighs around 65-75 pounds, and is brown and white in color. Even though she?s been in heat at least twice since I?ve owned her, Tinker has NOT had puppies nor has she been ?fixed?! Because of her breed, Lab/Pitbull mix (licensed as a Lab), Tinker is aggressive and likes to play rough. According to my dog trainer, most dogs would consider her ?rude at play?! Tinker is very high energy and will challenge you when she wants to play or desperately needs to go out. Because Tinker is a high stress dog, she tends to get nervous around others. Please note that Tinker tends to like men better than women. She?d be a great guard dog, hunting dog, hiking dog, and single family dog for anyone willing to unconditionally love her.
If you?re interested in adopting Tinker, please send an email message to
Thank you for your interest in adopting Tinker!